Latest News

  • 2020 FLPME Incentives

    FLP Middle East's 2020 incentives and reward plan.
    A more simplified qualification which
    you can set it as a goal to achieve.

  • Meet the Team

    Meet the team behind Customer Service & Compliance
    and E-commerce! If you require any questions
    feel free to contact them.

  • Now Available In UAE

    The New Aloe Vera Gel 330ml is
    now available in our UAE Branches.
    Forever produces the best quality
    products to the best people.

  • FGR20 Live!

    Big news! We've moved up the date of our Global Rally digital show to April 14th!
    We want to be sure we celebrate all the hard work our Chairman's Bonus qualifiers

  • Home Delivery - UAE

    Dear valued FBOs,
    Starting 15 March 2020, our E-commerce department
    will assist you from Sunday to Thursday
    through Aramex service.